Rectangular 50 x 90 cm Scatter Cushions

Rectangular Scatter Cushions 50 x 90cm

Scatter cushions are without a doubt the simplest and most effective way to transform a room in an instant. Whether you throw them on a sofa, use them solo on an armchair or create an interesting array on a bed - they are bound to give a space a fresh and whole new look.

Focusing on quality, at Hill House we have an ever expanding range. At present we have over 100 styles and are continually introducing new designs. Most of our scatter cushions come in 60X60cm and 50X90cm sizes.

The majority of our cushions are made from 100% raw linen which looks good all year round. Velvet with its rich, soft, luxurious texture is also a fabric we work a lot with particularly in the winter months. Cotton gentry is another textile we work with at times which is more hard wearing and durable making it a very practical choice.

What makes our scatters so special and unique is the fact that we print all our own designs, make limited amounts of each design (keeping them quite authentic) , most of them being fairly bold and are seen as defiant focal points in rooms.

50X90cm Pin Cushion

50X90cm Yellow Seed

Selection of multi-colored 50X90cm Scatters

50X90cm Leopard print

Blue Pineapple 50 x 90 cm

Bugs 50 x 90 cm

Roses 50 x 90 cm

50 x 90cm Granadilla

50 x 90cm Yellow Flower

Pink Arum 50 x 90 cm

White Flowers 50 x 90cm